Book review: “Forest Resource Economics and Finance, 2nd Edition”. 2022. By W. David Klemperer, Steven H. Bullard, Stephen C. Grado, Marcus K. Measells, and Thomas J. Straka. Stephen F. Austin State University, Nacogdoches, Texas, USA. 617 p. ISBN hardcover: 978-1-62288-411-7. ISBN paperback: 978-1-62288-315-8.

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Frederick Cubbage


economics, finance, forest resources


Overall, Klemperer et al. will be a seminal textbook on forest resource economics and finance, with sound theory, comprehensive coverage, good examples, and excellent style and substance. This textbook is clear, logical, and well presented for modern times. At a cost of less than $100, the book provides an exceptionally sound investment. Professors, students, and professionals can use it as a comprehensive and timeless reference for their classes and careers.

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