Authors who submit articles intended for publication in JFBR are expected to cover page expenses. These funds will cover costs associated with proofreading by staff, file management, and publication infrastructure.

This arrangement provides sustainable funding so that we can continue to provide high-quality, peer-reviewed articles without charge to readers on the web – ensuring that articles receive the highest exposure and potential impact associated with open access publishing.

The page expense amounts are as follows (request amounts last set on 1st January 2024):

  • The rate is EUR 125 for each of the first ten published pages, and subsequently, it is half-price (EUR 62.5) for each additional page beyond the initial ten. The fee is paid after the acceptance of the manuscript and before its publication.
  • 25% discount* on page expenses when submitting papers to the Journal of Forest Business Research for the first time.
  • 25% page discount* for lower-middle-income and low-income countries, based on the World Bank’s country income classification, will apply.
    * discounts cannot be combined.

Although estimated expenses are subject to change, the rate associated with a specific article remains fixed based on the information that was posted on this site at the time of submission. The number of pages is based on the published version of an article, not on the submitted version (for instance, when page breaks are changed and when images are enlarged for easier viewing).

Payment methods

Direct bank transfer (recommended) – the invoice will be sent to the corresponding author for individual or institutional payment.

PayPal – the link will be sent to the corresponding author where the credit card can be directly used. PayPal system can be used even if the author does not have a PayPal account. JFBR will add 5% surcharge for authors selecting this form of payment.