An overview of the wood products sector in Iran: 2007-2022

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Amin Arian
Richard P. Vlosky


analysis, Iran, wood products


In this paper, we assess the development of the Iranian wood products industry over the past two decades. The sector is an important component of Iran’s economy with the potential for growth across different product markets. We discuss past, current, and future raw materials, production, trade, and consumption. Overall, the industry is fragmented and faces a number of challenges that hinder success in domestic and export markets, including lack of access to quality raw materials, problems with production quality control, and access to markets. Evaluation of trends and market patterns shows that the Iranian wood industry sector is developing continuously and has the potential for further growth. Considering the potential domestic and international market and the Iranian wood industry’s strengths, suggestions were provided to accelerate industry development, such as investments and efforts to facilitate wood raw material imports, establishment of new management methods and considering new technologies to upgrade the quality and quantity of production together with the profitability.

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